There are many WordPress blogs which have or need to have banners on them. So a banner manager plugin is very useful for those blogs. This plugin is created for it. The plugin helps to manage the banners over the WordPress blog. It is very easy to use. Try it and be assured.


Manage Banners

Manage Banners

Wishing you to earn much money by banners advertising. :)

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To have more features in this plugin (statistics of the impressions and the clicks of the banners, etc.) get the premium version just for $18.

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101 Comments on WordPress plugin “Useful Banner Manager”

  1. Daniel says:

    Really great plugin, and was about to buy the premium plugin for a project I am working on when I ran into an issue.
    I use Buddypress and bbpress for this project, and was investigating a problem with a user trying to delete their user, when they got an error “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare add_user() (previously declared in /pathto/public_html/wp-admin/includes/user.php:17) in /pathto/public_html/wp-admin/includes/user.php on line 18”. I found out this seem to be related to some plugins, and after testing all plugins I traced it to Useful Banner Manager (!). I tried removing the sidebars with ads from the delete profile page, but the error still occurs. So tell me – is there anything in your plugin that might clash with the code in wp-admin/includes/user.php??

    I really would like to use your plugin for this project, but need to solve this to proceed.

  2. Wishing you to earn much money by banners advertising. :)
    hehe.. mantap ok bgt ini. dicoba, and terima kasih atas infonya buat

  3. Loic says:


    I have a problem with your plugin that does not appear in the English I use WPML:


  4. ramir says:

    I need a plugin that loop the rotation of the ads, does this allow me to do such?

  5. JohnnyTeach says:

    Hey there, great plugin!

    For anyone with trouble getting images to load you have to make sure that the images are in the root folder, instead of the plugin folder in order for them to be viewed correctly.

    Was wondering what params are included in the basic? Can I center the banner with a param?

    Respect and Love,

  6. Bakker says:


    Your “Useful Banner Manager” works fine for our website on FF and IE. But now with Windows8 Explorer10(App) the banner shows no logo’s anymore. This occurs only in the IE10-App, in the IE10 desktop version it is OK …

    Thank you for support!

  7. Hi Bakker,

    Thank you for the info. We’ll try to sort out what you mean and solve it.

  8. Amanda says:

    We have the banner manager on 2 sites.
    We have managed to get it working on but not on
    We need to resolve this before we can upgrade.

  9. Hi Amanda,

    Can you explain me more about the problem.


  10. Toby Wallis says:

    Hi Ruben. Is it possible to use your banner plugin to serve just one ad for each page load, but selected at random from a list of, say, 6 files/URLs? So the ad would change when you reload the page and also when you go to another page.

    Also can I make it editable by an Editor, not just an Administrator?

    Thanks –


  11. Vitek FoxProgs says:

    Hi! Good that you’ve updated the plugin and have made support for translations. I can provide you with a Russian translation.

  12. Rics says:

    Hello Ruben,

    How can I give editors persmission to manage banners?

    Hugs from Brazil!

  13. Hi,

    Vitek, can you please contact me using the following form and we’ll talk about that:

    Rics, you have to change some codes for that, which will be lost when the plugin is updated. But I’ll think about that when I am going to update the plugin.


  14. michael says:

    Hello, I would like to know how to set my ad banners to show “side by side” . I need to have 2 125*125 banners next to each other and i have them vertical. Thank you : ) btw your plugin is awesome

  15. sylvia says:

    I really wanted to like your plug in. But forcing us to use the widgets area to use it completely defeated my using it. I would have preferred a short link to use it where I want. (I don’t use side bars) Oh well. Thanks anyway.

  16. Courtney says:

    Ditto with Michael, I have a 728 x 90 and a 234 x 90 I would like displayed across the top of my pages. How do we get them side by side?

  17. Muzammil fazai says:

    Hello every one,
    I am new on word press i have added this plugin in my test site,
    now i want to rotate images but it is not doing so
    i have added this code in header.php of my template
    if ( function_exists( ‘useful_banner_manager_banners_rotation’ ) ) { useful_banner_manager_banners_rotation( ‘1,2’, 5, 400, 250, ‘rand’ ); }
    and in widget i have set all the settings for rotation
    Please help me in this

  18. Courtney says:

    In case anyone else needs to know I found the way to place the ads side by side using the float command. Here is the code with the short code attached.

    [useful_banner_manager banners=12,13,14,21 count=4]

    [useful_banner_manager banners=15,16,17,22 count=4]

  19. Courtney says:

    Sorry, that didn’t load correctly. Use

    div style=”float:left;”
    div style=”float:right;”

  20. dead says:

    good day.

    how to make banners open in new window?

  21. Vicente says:

    This plugin is great. lament of an error in admin.
    Not allowed to use search or updates or versions of wp plugins.
    This error:
    “An error occurred when updating All in One SEO Pack: Download failed. Could not resolve host ‘’.”
    It seems that does not allow connection to or something.
    My WP version: 3.5.1

    Thanks and regards

  22. Lucianno says:

    I’m having a problem using it with qTranslate plugin, so when the visitor change the website language the qTranslate include a “/?lang=de” in the url and it breaks the url to the banner image…

  23. Desiree says:

    Experiencing problems displaying the banners with their link using the php coding. [code][/code] I have viewed the source code and it is showing the link but it is not clickable.

  24. D says:

    i am using this code in the header template file and the links are not working.. I then added the short code to a post and the rotation and links work. What do I need to do to have the links work in the header template file?

  25. Hakon says:

    Hi, have the same problem as Lucianno #22
    The plugin works well on my site, but since I’m using the plugin “qTranslate” the link to the images are broken when I visit my site with a different language. How can I fix this?
    see: (its working well) (links broken)


  26. francesco says:

    is it possible to use with you plugin adsense code ?


  27. Allison says:

    I had to deactivate the plugin. So upsetting. As easy it was to add a banner, and such, I was very upset that nothing showed up at all.

  28. Dimitar says:

    We are using the latest version, downloaded from this website. Also WordPress 3.5.1
    However when we try adding a new banner using the add banner option, it doesn’t appear in the available banner list. Only the default 5 banners are seen there. Could you please advise something?

    Our website is working on IIS, could that be the reason?

  29. Donald says:

    I use UBM on several sites and I noticed this morning it is not displaying the ads on any of them.

  30. ok – I have figured out how to add the banners into a page. I work in text and not visual so missed the banner manager icon.

    Just some feedback, I am posting animated gifs. They are banners that transform from one slide into a second slide.

    After running through all of the slides 1x correctly, Banner Manager then only subsequently runs through the second slide in each case. So, to rephrase, Banner Manager plays the slides correctly the first time in that each slide correctly transforms from slide 1 to slide 2. However, after having run through all of the slides, Banner Manager then only replays the second slide in each case and misses out the first.

    Ummmmmm, I was going to upgrade but need to think what to do about that; possibly only play once?


    Terry Bradley

  31. Hiya,
    I thought that I would give some more feedback.
    I have placed single banners into some posts.

    When the posts are then automatically published on the front page of the site, only the banner in the first (i.e. top) post is visible. The subsequent posts show but without the banners.

    Terry Bradley

  32. Paolo says:

    I have a little problem with free version… User id 2 tinymce toolbar disappears. User id 3 not! WP 3.6. Can you help me?

  33. Paolo says:

    solution= deactivate firefox addon Adblock plus

  34. Costas says:

    Hello and thank you for the useful plugin.I have a problem with swf files.The Banner Link is not working at all.This is happens only in the swf files.Is there any advice for this?
    Thanks in advance!

  35. alan says:

    does this plugin allows creation of those annoying pop up banners when you visit a site? :)

  36. Raluca says:


    thank you for this plugin, it is my first day with it and I hope will work great.
    I have a problem: in Safari, Explorer and Google Chrome works fantastic but in Mozilla not, what can I do?
    thank you for your time

  37. lbh says:

    Got the same problem as Raluca. No swf on FF. WP 3.6.1

    Any idea?


  38. lbh says:

    OK, got the problem. You need to deactivate AdBlock Plus. But the clients pay for the banner ad, so it should be visible all the time …

  39. Mark says:

    Everything works great besides the fact that I click on the banner – nothing happens. How do we make the link work? Please explain clearly – as I do not have knowledge with code.

  40. eleen says:

    I really like your plugin. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to what I’m looking for in a banner manager. Thank you for your nice work!

    Lately I’ve been wanting to implement google analytics through event tracking but the plugin does not support adding code into the “banner link”. Do you have plans to change that or can you or someone in the audience recommend a way to add the tracking code?

    I’ll need to add a specific code to each banner so changing the whole code for the plugin itself will not help much.

    Thanks in advance for replies/help!

  41. Béla Litkei says:

    Dear Ruben!
    The problem would be that if you do your banner swf file then write it in vain link does not open the page!
    Flash Game Pages where you can find the and Advertisements can not solve!
    I am waiting for your kind reply

  42. Craig Cook says:

    I’m not experienced with editing code and I am sure my question is super simple…but…

    How may I have the image centered in the widget. I am using this plugin currently displaying “your ad here”.


  43. faisal says:

    i like your plugin and wanted to know— can I use it to manage banners on MULTIPLE BLOGS – all from one place?

    I have 10 blogs and wanted to manage banners from one place.


  44. Robert says:

    When I have a single banner (300 x 250) it displays fine on homepage. When I try to rotate more than 1 300 x 250 ad, the ads are reduced to thumbnail size on homepage.

    How can I ensure the ads do not shrink when I rotate?

  45. Dragan says:

    Thanks for great plugin. My question is: How I could put line between banners? Change css or …?

  46. TradeOpus says:

    Does free version only support 1 size of banner at a time?

  47. Elias says:

    Great Plugin. There is only one single thing, I notest the plugins doest work very well with responsive website. I f add the banner on a responsive website, the website changes its size bu the plugins not. Take a look

  48. PeymanCz says:

    I’m using your plugin which is very great tool, but i cant seem to move the banners to another “Custom” directory.
    I’ve changed the default Media Folder in config.php file, but the plugin seems to be using a specific directory that cant be changed.
    should I edit the Plug-in files or something??

  49. Stacy says:

    Having the same problem as Robert and have the same question as Dragan.

  50. Jacek says:

    I’m having a problem with my Classipress Theme. My users can’t update their user profiles from the Front-End and this is because of the conflict with ubm plugin.
    That happened after I have updated my WordPress to the newest one.
    Could you have a look on it please? I’ve created a user for you.
    I can send you details in PM.
    Thanks, regards,

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