There are many WordPress blogs which have or need to have banners on them. So a banner manager plugin is very useful for those blogs. This plugin is created for it. The plugin helps to manage the banners over the WordPress blog. It is very easy to use. Try it and be assured.


Manage Banners

Manage Banners

Wishing you to earn much money by banners advertising. :)

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If you find this plugin useful to you, please consider making a small donation to help contribute to further development. Thanks for your kind support!


To have more features in this plugin (statistics of the impressions and the clicks of the banners, etc.) get the premium version just for $18.

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101 Comments on WordPress plugin “Useful Banner Manager”

  1. wifi says:

    sound interesting..
    do you have any screen shot about how banners appears ini home page?

  2. wifi, it will show how you’ll add it. I think it will be better to download and try! :)

    Thank you.

  3. wifi says:

    haha.. you wanna keep my curiosity..
    ok, ill try to download it

  4. Hello, I downloaded the useful banner manager plug-in. I uploaded the image and filled in the form,but am not seeing the banner ad appear. How do I pick where it goes? Thanks, Rebecca

  5. Rebecca, please read this: I think you will understand how to use the plugin. If not, write me and I will try to explain it in more details.

    Thank you.

  6. Elvira says:

    Hello! Plugin is great. Is it possible to place banners in one row (like social networking buttons on your site)?

  7. Hello Elvira

    Unfortunately, you have to do it manually using css in this version. I’ll include a feature to do it from the options page of the plugin in the new version.

    Thank you.

  8. Joachim says:

    The plugin looks good to me, but does it have a statistic (impressions and clicks)?

    Best regards

  9. Joachim, the premium version of the plugin has that feature. You can read about it in this page, just bellow the “Download the plugin” link.

  10. Droid says:

    hi Ruben,
    can we have more banner, so it can be rotated?

  11. Droid, you can have how many banner you want. And, unfortunately, the banners doesn’t rotate.

  12. Droid says:

    ahh.. that’s not good for me. I hope you will considere to make it rotate :)
    bdw, thanks any way for this banner plugin. you are the best!

  13. zoltan says:

    Good stuff, man ! Yes, the rotation would be really useful. Just starting up a site and I’ll definitely go for this solution once I need to place my banners.
    Simple and efficient solution.

  14. Tim says:

    On adding a and banner to the page. You short example you show 2,6 as banner IDs. If it doesn’t rotate, then what is the purpose of having multiple banner IDs? Maybe I’m not understanding what they mean by rotate?

  15. Tim says:

    Where is is professional version for banners you talk about?

  16. Tim,

    If you write for example 2,6 banner IDs, it will be randomly shown either the banner which ID is 2 or the banner which ID is 6.

    And sorry, but I didn’t understand what this was mean: “Where is is professional version for banners you talk about?”?

    Thank you.

  17. Reggie says:

    Hi regarding the count parameter…what exactly does this do?

  18. Reggie, I didn’t understand what you mean. Please explain me more.


  19. Uche says:

    The banners do rotate.

    We’re using this on our site as a simple ads solution. I used to use OpenX before but needed something very basic that non-technical users could administer and this is a perfect solution. Wigetised ads and template ads rotate randomly.

    I think by “rotate” the author think you mean do they change while viewing which, of course, no ad solution does. Or maybe he thinks you mean do they move in an animated fashion. Check out where all non-Adsense ads are delivered by this useful plugin.

    Well done to the author

  20. kkri says:

    No way to have a shortcode of it? How to insert it within posts and pages?

  21. Simon says:

    Yes please. Shortcode would be great!

  22. kkri and Simon, to show the banners in a post or a page, add [useful_banner_manager banners=2,6 count=1] (where the numbers 2 and 6 (banners=2,6) are the IDs of the banners which would be shown, the number 1 (count=1) is the count of the banners which would be shown) into the post or the page.

  23. Rune says:


    I have the premium version and i can not get the php code for viewing banners in header or footer to work, i am using the code i found here:

    I have only one banner with ID: 1 so i am using this numbering at the end of code: (“1”,1)

    I have tested code all over my site now.


  24. Rune,

    If you use the premium version of the plugin you have to write this code:

    < ?php if(function_exists("ubm_premium_banners")){ ubm_premium_banners("2,6",1); } ?>

    Thank you.

  25. Danny says:

    Would be nice to select Banner File from location in website.
    Say: from the media manager or other

  26. brewer says:

    Finally, a banner plugin that actually works! Thank you so much. Auto-rotation (without reloading) would have been great (any chance of an upgrade in the near future?) but this will definitely do for now. Again, thanks.

  27. Hi,

    I created new 1.1 version of the plugin and include banners rotation in that. Hope you’ll like it. :)

    Thank you.

  28. Hi. Found your great plugin/widget. Really good. But image ALT text never displays on mouseover, either in Chrome, Firefox or IE.

    Any ideas?

    Excuse the horrid banner images for now – created about 10 in 5 minutes, so artwork needs improving.

    Thanks, Tristan

  29. Breaker says:

    Hi, if i need to use a javascript link, like this…How can i do?


  30. I select a .jpeg for the banner and it only shows a red “X” in box in corner. How do I get it to show the .jpeg I selected?

  31. Tristan, it is the tag title displays when you move the mouse over it. :) But now you cannot add that attribute.

    Breaker, it is not possible now, but I am already thinking to include that in one of the next versions.

    Paul, the plugin works with the jpeg format images. Can you test any other image in jpeg format?

    Thank you.

  32. Hello. I have a different widget overide / layout for my front page. It works on other pages in the widget but when I tick / enable ads on the Front page via the widget, it will only save one tick box / banner.

    If I tick more than one and click save, it will untick the boxes and nothing is diplayed. Hoping you can help me. I can show you if you want to log in and have a look, it is on my development site.

  33. Hi Keeping Chickens,

    I be honest, I didn’t understand your problem. I think it will be good if I see it.


  34. StyleBomb says:

    Hey Ruben,
    per Breakers comment has an update been included for javascript artwork?


  35. Cusco says:

    Great, finally, a banner plugin that works fine! Thank you.

  36. Karsten says:

    Hi Ruben – Great plugin, Thank you!
    Unfortunately the “rotator”-function stops working on my site after it has gone through the banners – could you please take a look?


  37. Camilla says:


    I´m using the banner plug-in, and it works fine. But I have some problem with swf-files, the link does not work. Is it not possible to have swf-files with links to another site?


  38. DRG says:

    Thanks for the plugin..!

  39. Ahnaf says:

    Great plugin. Finally I have got Something useful to manage Adds in WordPress Blog.

  40. Joseph says:

    Hi, thanx for your plugin, but there is something blocks the rotation in my site. Can you help me, please, I think after the update of tinyMCE and comprehensive google maps plugins I noted the problem I had not before, but I’m not sure if this is the problem. Let me know something, please.

  41. Ar says:


    This works great with gif and jpg but when I add a flash swf banner it says “missing plugin”. How can I fix this?

    Thank you.

  42. Awsome wordpress plugin for our wordpress blog, thank you

  43. Anna says:

    При загрузке swf файла, баннер не показывается, а пишет:
    Missing plug-in.

    с jpg работает. что делать?

  44. Louise says:


    Fantastic plug in I’ve just downloaded it. I/m new to all this so it seemed nice and easy to use, just one thing though, I added the link but when I put my curser over the banner LONDON GREEN FAIR it doesn’t click through? Can you advice where I’ve gone wrong.
    Many thanks

  45. Pradip says:

    Just downloaded the plugin, its awesome. I think It will work in any template.


  46. Hello!
    How can I change the position of the banner? (please take a look at this: ). Now it’s on the left, I would like to move it to the right.

  47. Kat says:


    I have installed the Banner Manager, i have added it in my blogs widget area, but for some reason the actual banner image wont show up! instead a box with a question mark appears.. any ideas why my image wont show? its file format is jpg….

    Thanking you…

  48. Kat says:

    I would just like to know why my Jpg is not showing up in the banner manager??

  49. Kat says:

    Hi Ruben,

    I still have the same problem, my Jpegs will not show up on my site. I have tried a couple of different jpeg files and still nothing will show up..

    any ideas what might be wrong?

  50. Sascha says:

    Hi Ruben,

    my Blog shows the uploaded .jpg´s BUT only one/page-reload … normaly I have 7 pics which are changing in a 6-second-rythm…this rythm-mode doesn´t apear in the setting mode any further…may be a problem with my Wp 3.4 Update today?


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