Useful Banner Manager PremiumUBM Premium is the ultimate banner serving tool for the serious bloggers. Rotate banners based on performance, track outgoing clicks, control nofollow/dofollow and much more. The perfect solution for all affiliate marketers and webmasters.

It is the premium version of WordPress plugin “Useful Banner Manager“.

Manage banners

Manage banners


Additional features:

  1. count the impressions of the banners
  2. count the clicks on the banners
  3. possibility to add link and target to the flash banners




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45 Comments on WordPress plugin “UBM Premium”

  1. I downloaded the basic banner manager. I think I would like the Premium but need to wait till I can get the basic working. I used a .jpeg file and it will not show it. I am still trying to get the “Optional Showcase Template” to work in WP. Any help with getting the banner to show the .jpeg file would be nice.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Paul, the plugin works with the jpeg format images. Can you test any other image in jpeg format?

    Thank you.

  3. Daryl says:

    We are running a skincare giveaway and using your banner widget to facilitate the home page but I’m really not understand how it works? Could you create a video and post it on youtube to give the ins and outs.

  4. Daryl,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I think it is good idea to create a video tutorial how to use this plugin. But for now I’d like to help you to sort out how to use it here.

    Have you downloaded and activated the plugin? Have you added any plugin or you couldn’t?

    I think it is easy to use, so please write me what isn’t easy and I’ll try to make it easier in the next versions.


  5. Les says:

    it seems I am having trouble getting the images to load. I have tried jpg and gif images but no luck.

  6. Anand Prakash says:

    If I put two 125×125 ads in my sidebar how do I get them to display side by side instead of one below the other. I haven’t been able to manage this even through the CSS.

  7. Alex Peeters says:

    Is the premium version WPML ( compatible?

    I only have banners in the default language now.

  8. Alex Peeters says:

    How can i add text add, instead of a picture?

    var flashvars = {clickTag:”http%3A//×90%29″};swfobject.embedSWF(“”, “bol1325529936751”, “728”, “90”, “9.0.0”,”expressInstall.swf”,flashvars)

  9. Dicinox says:

    Is there any way to get some banner rotation after post content?

  10. Ger says:

    I like your plugin but so far as I can see is it not editable by an editor, only by the admin. Is that correct? When not and an editor can also edit how about the widget, i see it is necessary to fill in which banner are in it.

  11. Rossy Cadenas says:

    Me encuentro en México y tengo una pagina web de wordpress, pero no sé ingles, donde podría encontrar las instrucciones en español para subir un banner.

    Muchas gracias

  12. Mark Walter says:

    I upgraded to the premium USB, but for some reason the pluggin is not loging impressions. Have I missed something in the configuration?


  13. Gus Arreola says:

    Hi, i have this problem… Uncaught ReferenceError: ubm_premium_rotate_banners is not defined
    I use WordPress 3.5.1 and jQuery 1.7.1 –
    I dont know what happend, can you help me plis.

    oh! I use UBM Premium 😀

    Thanks for your answer.

  14. Hello,

    Mark Walter, if you still have the problem please contact me via the following form and we’ll try to sort the reason out and solve it:

    Gus Arreola, can you please write here the URL where I can see the bug?


  15. creekmore says:

    How long is the license good for? One month, year etc.?

  16. creekmore, the license is forever! :)

  17. Ray says:

    After installing premium version, I am seeing the clicks being registered in statistics, but not the impressions. Is there a known bug or a workaround?

    Thank you in advance…

  18. Laura says:

    I have your free plug in installed here

    it’s only showing 3 of the 8 banners I have installed.
    (ontarget, iccf, add your banner)

    All are set to visible except 1 of the first 4 that it was showing properly when I added 4 more today. The new 4 are not showing.

  19. Ray says:

    Forget last post. The next day it seemed to kick in.

  20. Jitske says:

    I’ve installed the free version.
    The problem is … I have 10 banners that I want to show in 5 random positions. In stead of showing 5 banners at the time (e.g. banner 2,3,7,8,9), it sometimes shows some banners twice. So I see banner e.g. banner 1,2,5,6,6. How can I change this?
    Will it help to download the premium version or is the problem still the same?

  21. Toni dueñas says:

    is possible to create a page in the public area, so that a customer can view their statistics. ?

  22. Andre says:

    Nice plugin! Can you put in CTR% statistic in the pro version?

  23. Jaume says:

    is possible to incorporate the google Analitycs tracking code?

  24. Matz says:

    I have the premium UBM, but for some reason the pluggin is not loging impressions. Have I missed something in the configuration? It used to work…

  25. Matz says:

    Are you not answering our questions? I have the premium UBM, but for some reason the pluggin is not loging impressions. Have I missed something in the configuration? It used to work…

  26. SnappaGuy says:

    Hello Ruben,

    Just dropped by to say thanks for UBM, I have tried/bought many others and find yours to be the simple to use, functional and above all it works !

    I’m using the complementary version presently but am leaving here to purchase the “premium” edition … thanks for your great work !!

    Kind regards.

  27. BEN says:


    Can we use code in one of your version “Google ad script” for exemple ?



  28. azizah says:

    How do i add the banner to every posts.

  29. Matija says:

    Hi, I’m using already the UBM basic and its workign great…

    Now I want to have an option to upload or link to my swf flash banners and so they can rotate as well?

    Is that possible with the premium vesrion?

  30. Saeed says:

    Hello, I have installed this plugin but after configuring it. are not displaying on any page. Please let me know what I am missing?

  31. Saeed says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention the blog site where I have installed it. That is please let me know what’s wrong and why plugin not showing banner?

  32. Max says:


    UBM Premium statistics is wrong, showing to many Clicks. For exe “Impressions” 0 “Clicks” 1 which is impossible.

    I have paid Premium but it is useless.

    Please fix it



  33. Andrea says:

    Hi, i’ve installed the free version and i woud like to upgrade to pro but i need to understand ho w to fix some issues before:
    I have to show banners 120×600 (vertical layout) in the widget sidebar. I’ve loaded all images and rotation works but:
    1) i’d like to center images in the sidebar block. At the moment images are aligned to the left
    2) Links to sponsors site does not work. It seems to be well linked but the click doesn’t works at all. May you help please?

  34. Nicolas says:


    I just purchased your plugin, everything’s fine except one thing :
    I want to Editor role to access UBM menu and functions, how can I do this ?


  35. Nicolas says:

    Ok I’ve found, I replaced ‘manage_options’ by ‘edit_posts’ in the php source of your plugin, working great now :)

  36. María José says:

    I bought the premium extension ans activated in WordPress but it does not count the clikcs. Could you help me?

  37. raphael says:

    hi i use your banner script, i just want to know if you have plan to add more type of transition, not only fadein fadeout?

  38. Mina says:

    I upgraded to the premium version, but for some reason the plug-in does not log the Ad-impressions. Have I missed something in the configuration?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  39. kajy says:

    I am using the free basic UBM.

    I need to add several google adsense banners.
    Is it possible to do that with Premium one?

  40. Guenni says:

    For me it did not work “Active Until Date”.
    Can anyone tell me on what to do.

    Is it possible to install a “Deactivation Date”?

    Thank you for any information

  41. Denis says:

    I am running the free version on a client site with qTranslate language switcher installed. It only shows up in the default language. Does the premium version work in all languages?


  42. Tobias says:

    I use the free version since a long time but since the latest update it’s impossible to upload any new banners / files

    who has the same problem?

  43. Nicolas says:

    Hi there,
    Please update your plugin and remove WP_PLUGIN_URL() function to call your plugin, as it do not support SSL. Update with plugins_url() function, with this HTTPS is ok.

  44. María José says:

    I bought the premium extension last may and activated in WordPress but it does not count the clikcs. I ask you to help me and you have not helped me. I am really dissapointed ;-(

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