This plugin adds links after the posts for subscribing to the post author’s posts feed via RSS. So if there are several authors in the blog, but a visitor wishes to subscribe just an author posts feed, this plugin gives that possibility to do it.


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12 Comments on WordPress plugin “Subscribe To Author Posts Feed”

  1. Hannah says:


    I just activated the subscribe plug in for the blog listed above, and the link to subscribe is not showing up. I put in my api key already as well.



  2. info sehat says:

    too bad, my site only has me as the writer :)

  3. Hannah, but I see that the link to subscript is showing up. It is showing up only in the single post page under the post.

    info sehat, if your site has only you as the writer, there is no need to use this plugin on that site! :)

  4. Very useful plugin thanks.

    My site also only shows the link if you view the single post. Can you tell me how I can make the link appear at the bottom of each post on the home page.


  5. Simon Hetherington,

    Open the subscribe-to-author-posts-feed.php file from the plugin directory and change the line 39 from

    if(!is_page($post_id) && is_single($post_id)){



    Thank you.

  6. ryan says:

    hi ruben, nice to know you here
    is it save to edit direct to the php file?
    and how i can do that..?

  7. ryan, sorry, but I don’t understand what you want.

  8. Is there a way to move the link? Rather than at the bottom, I would like to have it at the top right of the blog but not thrilled with going into your plugin code to see how it detects location.

  9. Dave Tollefsen, I modified the plugin and sent it to you. Test it and inform me, please.


  10. Ruben,

    I would love to use this plugin. Could you update and see if it works with 3.3.1?


  11. Dotnex says:

    excellent blog, i am still learning WordPress

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