The new version of WordPress plugin “Share Buttons Simple Use” 1.3 is created. The following updates have been done in this version:

1. Google buzz button is removed.
2. Google plus button is added.

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6 Comments on WordPress plugin “Share Buttons Simple Use” new 1.3 version

  1. Malinda says:

    Thanks for sharing this.. I was looking for Google+ sharing plugin..

  2. Hi,
    We just installed your plug-in on our WordPress blog, and it works great! We were just wondering if it is possible that our logo appear on Facebook, when people use the Like button. Presently, it is an image of an unknown person, white on grey, exactly like the icon you have in your “Most Commenting Visitors” section.

  3. Your tips are easy and simple to comprehend. I think you did a wonderful job, and Thanks for the List I really need it.

  4. Sven says:

    really nice, thx. a small idea: is it possible to change the size of the bubble annotaion of google plus so that the three bubbles fit bether together or is this predefinied by google?

  5. naveen says:

    i was looking for this thanx for providing the post..

  6. Andrew Cort says:

    Hi, I’m a newbie on WP and seem to have missed something. I’ve installed your FB and Twitter simple plug-in. It looks fine at the top of each post, but they just keep reading 0 . I’ve tweeted and ‘liked’ them myself, so I know someone, at least, is using them, but they don’t record anything, and I have no record on my FB page that I’ve ‘liked’ a link. What have I missed? How do I turn them on?

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