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This plugin is used when there are words, words expressions or sentences to be explained in the posts or pages of your WordPress blog. This plugin will help to read the explanations of the words (words expressions, sentences) you need via tooltips.


In administration interface you can do the following:
1. set the explanation tooltip width
2. select the explanation tooltip text align
3. set the explanation tooltip text font size
4. set the explanation tooltip text color
5. set the explanation tooltip border size
6. set the explanation tooltip border color
7. set the explanation tooltip background color
8. set the explanation tooltip padding
9. set the explanation tooltip border radius
10. set the explaining word (words expression, sentence) color



Download the plugin

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330 Comments on WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary”

  1. max says:

    Hi, a great plugin which works so well.
    My question: can the tool tips be disabled i.e. turn them off so the plugin only produces a glossary through the short code?

    Many thanks


  2. Emma says:

    Great plugun thank you. Can I pass a parameter to the shortcode so just the “A” ‘s are shown on entry to the page, rather than the whole dictionary ? for example: [explanatory dictionary letter=A]

    Many Thanks

  3. Andrea says:

    On ios, iPhone or iPad if you press on a word and the tooltip will stay! Any suggestion?

  4. charlotte says:

    Is it possible to import words and explanations instead of having to put them in one by one?

  5. chris says:

    Can anyone get border radius to work?

    It just stuck on the same position regardless what parameter I used.

    It always stock to the left and bottom. When the tooltip is on the left and/or at the bottom, it got cutoff.

  6. Per says:

    Love your plugin, but due to speed issues I had to remove it. The plugin was unfortunately one of the reason to slow loading time for my page. Do you know if there’s a way to work aroud this. Tried to exclude the first/startpage but that didn´t help.

  7. Trey says:

    Great plugin!

    Is there any chance we could get categories and custom sorting on the words? I’ve got a martial arts website I’m working on that has a glossary separated by things like “numbers” “techniques” and “commands”. And of course the numbers themselves are the words ordered one through ten, I’d like to sort them like they should be.

  8. Li-An says:

    I’ve got a strange new bug – I suspect webhosting modifying something but the result is strange.
    When adding in my sidebar this code:
    the plugin just stops to work…

  9. safeer says:

    work only one word.otherwise fatal error memory problem. how can i fix it?

  10. Rene says:

    first of all,
    you made a great plugin. I have only tweo wishes.

    1. Can you enter shortcodes? So I can enter words, that show there explanation in text. I also want to have a page called liexicon and enter there the shortcode to haven an alphabetical list of the words I entered before.

    2. I how can I backup the entered words? are they stored in my database?

    with regards from Germany


  11. Dan says:

    Hello, thanks so much for this great working Plugin! I was looking for days and tested several dictionary plugins and yours fits the best for my needs!!!!
    But, i have one question. In the complete list / or the list of a selected letter the hover function a.k.a. explanation tooltip is not working in the list itself. It works perfectly in a single post or page, but not in the list of words and explanations. The problem i have is, that some explanations are including other defined words for a better understanding. Is it possible that the tooltip function works on those words as well? For now i had a workaround that i included an empty link tag and copied the explanation into the title tag. But this is not a really elegant solution and quiet a lot of work. i dont want to link to these words, but someone that looks for lets say “car” and in the explanation it says ” A car a driven by an => ENGINE” then lets say “ENGINE” should be able to show the tooltip while i hover the word. And if look under “E” and look for “ENGINE” and its explanation is “An Engine is used in a => CAR” then i of course would love that the tooltip for car is being showed as well when i hover it. Is that possible to realize?

  12. Phil Dunton says:

    I have been using your dictionary with great success. Thank you.
    Just switched themes and now I only get the “?” when hovering over the word, not the explanatory text box.
    I assume there is a bit of code missing to make the tips work.
    Can someone point me in the right direction to get this working again?

  13. Phil Dunton says:

    Just had to inactivate this plug in.
    It is entering the word definitions after dictionary words in the RSS feeds!
    Using “Catch-Box” theme.

  14. Paul says:

    Nice extension but [a] I’m not seeing any responses from you here, so no support? and [b] I’m experiencing an issue with partial visibility of the pop up definition when terms are found on the left hand side of a page. I have played around with the .domtooltips_tooltip settings (z-index, position etc) but nothing seems to affect this.

    I’m using Custom Community theme, if that has any bearing.


  15. Michael says:

    Do you still support this plugin cuz I send you a msg via your contact page with no answare?

  16. Natan Alter says:

    Please, would you explain me how to give it a solution?:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 47185920 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 31086527 bytes) in /srv/disk4/1227026/www/ on line 352

    Thanks in advance

  17. Natan Alter says:

    I got the solution (unchecking the box regarding a word with unicode…)

  18. Natan Alter says:

    Just rounded box corners can’t get (maybe because of the 3.5 WP version).

  19. JDB says:

    Hi Ruben,

    do you consider the idea of an excerpt ?
    Would be nice if the excerpt could be used for the pop-up in the blog, while the full text (and pictures) would be available in the dictionary itself.


  20. JDB says:

    And while i am asking, what about support for multilingual sites ?
    I am using QTranslate plugin and this is supported for several other plugins as well. So wondering if you have this on your list as well 😉

  21. Vessi says:

    Hi, thanks for the plugin. Although I have a problem with displaying cyrillic alphabet on top of the dictionary. It doesn’t accept cyrillic aphabet and shows it as question mark. Thanks for the replay

  22. Hi Vessi,

    Can you please provide me the alphabet which you’d like to use?


  23. Ashish says:

    I have installed the plugin. Its good but its displaying the definition on the lower left side of the word. I want to change it as most of the definition get hidden becuse of the border in theme. how can i do that

  24. Hi Ashish,

    Can you please write here the url where I can see the problem?


  25. Geep says:

    The right/left/justify fields don’t work.
    And setting the # of words Limit also doesn’t work.

  26. Hi to every one, the contents existing at this web page are truly remarkable for
    people experience, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  27. Geert says:

    Great plugun thank you. Can I pass a parameter to the shortcode so just the “A” ‘s are shown on entry to the page, rather than the whole dictionary ? for example: [explanatory dictionary letter=A]

    Many Thanks

  28. Patrick says:


    Thanks, first, for your work. I have a problem with your dictionnary : when I enter a word (for instance the french word “fond”), all the words with “fond” in it (like “fondement”) are partly marked. Have you got an issue?

    Many thanks,


  29. jenia says:

    HELP ME !!! I have a problem with “Check if there is an unicode word in the explanatory dictionary.” If i am check it the text on my site disappears. What happens with the Cyrillic ???

  30. petrus says:

    Thanks for your great plugin, but I have a problem. The tooltip does not work with the pages, only with the posts. Do you have an idea?

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