The new version of WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” 3.0. is created. The following updates have been done in this version:

1. The tooltips show and hide using jQuery fadeIn and fadeOut effects.
2. Now you can move the mouse cursor over the tooltip.
3. You can add HTML code in the explanation.
4. Added “Synonyms and forms” field where you can add the synonyms and/or the different forms of the words (words expressions, sentences) and it will show their explanation as well.
5. Besides the fields “Explanation” you can also edit the fields “Word (words expression, sentence)” and “Synonyms and forms” as well.
6. The first page of the glossary shows all words (words expressions, sentences) with their explanations.
7. Now you can remove the alphabet.
8. Now you can remove the tooltips and use only the glossary page.


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9 Comments on WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” new 3.0 version

  1. Hompimpa says:

    Is there any JQuery tutorial and the basic of PHP? I need them. Thanks

  2. HI there,
    Very usefull plugin. I really appreciate !
    Could you please check the following issues ?
    – Each page generated by WordPress embed the whole glossary (only the definitions) : is it a normal behavior ?
    -Page generates as archives.php or categories.php display the definitions instead of the begining oh the post
    I’m using this theme :Twenty Ten 1.2 par the WordPress team.
    Any idea ?

  3. Koen says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for this plugin, we like it a lot!

    The last days we suffer from a memory problem, I don’t know good why, perhaps the dictionary is getting quite big:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 17096963 bytes) in /www/htdocs/exendo/wp-content/plugins/explanatory-dictionary/explanatory-dictionary.php on line 370

    Do you have any idea how we could solve this??

    Thanks a lot & enjoy your weekend!

    kind regards,


  4. Brian says:

    It’s been a great plugin until now – I’m also having a problem with memory as Koen. My dictionary is not that big.

    Anybody else getting this problem?

  5. Hi all,

    Sorry for my delayed reply, but I am really too busy and have no second to reply the comments. One request, if somebody finds any bug or has any suggestion for this plugin, please write me via the following contact form:


  6. Jenn says:

    Hi Ruben, I recently started using your Explanation Dictionary plugin and it is VERY useful. Thank you.

    One thing I have noticed, however, is that on an ipad and iphone, when you touch the term, the explanation window cannot be closed. The only way to have it go away is to refresh the page. Is there a way I can add a “close” option to the explanation window? This would be very helpful for making your plugin optimized for the ipad and iphone.

    Thank you!

  7. Per says:

    First of all, love your plugin.
    Having some speed issues though(loading times), on my page and this plugin caused some of the problem. Is there a way to perhaps speed it up? Tried to exclude the startpage but without any success.

  8. Rene says:

    You made a great Plugin. I just installed it. it works perfect. There is only one feature I would love to see integrated.

    It would be great, if you would insert a widget. So all Words and explanations enterd, would show up periodicly in the widget.


  9. April says:


    I’m using your wonderful plugin on a theme purchased from ThemeForest, and it works wonderfully when you preview a page, but as soon as it’s published, boom – the links and tooltip windows cease to appear. Do you have any idea why this might be happening?


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