The new version of WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” 2.0. is created. The following updates have been done in this version:

1. Now you can set an external CSS for styling the explanatory dictionary.
2. You can separate the shown words (words expressions, sentences) of the explanatory dictionary by the alphabet.
3. You can exclude the words (words expressions, sentences) from being explained by getting those words (words expressions, sentences) into [no explanation][/no explanation] tags.

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15 Comments on WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” new 2.0 version

  1. Bolek says:

    Hello, is it possible to list ALL the terms on my dictionary page? I Want to have an alphabetical list (A | B | C |…. etc), but also all the terms below. Is it possible?

  2. Bolek, unfortunately, it is impossible now, but it will be possible in the next version of the plugin which will be published in February.

    Thank you.

  3. Arne says:


    Thanks for this nice plugin… 😉
    Is it possible to disable the tooltip function?
    Is it possible to limit the amount of words shown by the tooltip? This can be usefull when you have a large discription.
    Maybe for future versions, make the words clickable and lead you directly to the glossary page… 😉

    Kind regards,


  4. Arne,

    Thank you for your good words and suggestion, I will think about it!! 😉

    To disable the tooltip function open the file explanatory-dictionary.php from the plugin directory and delete or comment the lines 507 and 508:

    add_filter(‘the_excerpt’, ‘add_explanatory_dictionary_words’);
    add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘add_explanatory_dictionary_words’);

    And what about to limit the amount of words, for example, if you want to show 2 tooltips per page, open the options page of the plugin in admin panel and set 2 the value of “Limit”.

  5. Seba says:

    I just installed the plug in and put in some definitions to test it, but the tooltip doesn’t appear, so it is not working. I am using WordPress 3.0.
    Do you know what could be causing the problem?

  6. Seba,

    Please tell me which theme do you use.


  7. Darran Trute says:

    Hi – thank you for creating this plugin its great. How do I increase the time the balloon with the dictionary definition appears. At the moment it seems to be about 5 seconds before disapearing – which is a bit too short…

    thanks – appreciate your time

  8. Alison Simpkins says:

    Hi — Thanks for creating this plugin. There seems to be a real need for something like this. I’m new to WordPress and would like to be able to set up a glossary page that links from the main menu and allows users to go to a standard Glossary Page with an alphabetical list of terms and links to terms. Can I do this with your plugin?

    Also, I’ve installed the plugin, but the page isn’t showing up anywhere in my theme. Is there something I need to do beyond installing the plugin? Maybe I’m not clear about the function of the plugin ?

    Many thanks,

  9. Darran Trute, unfortunately now it is not possible, but that feature will be included in one of the next version.

    Alison Simpkins, if I understood correctly what you need try this: “If you want to show all words (words expressions, sentences) with their explanations like a glossary in a post or a page, so add [explanatory dictionary] in it.”.

    Thank you.

  10. Yoel says:

    Very nice plugin, thanks.
    Is it possible to show tooltips on a tooltip content? What if my tooltip contains terms which require explanation, and I need hierarchical tooltip tree?
    Thanks again.

  11. Yoel, unfortunately it is not possible. Thank you for using my plugin.

  12. Levent ARAS says:

    First of all thansk for your explanatory dictionary plugin. I think if the explanatory dictionary could display text with image it will more powerfull and usefull.

  13. Michael says:

    Is there an option for displaying a Glossary page as well?

    What’s the Explanatory Dictionary Alphabet for?


  14. Hi Michael,

    If you want to show all words (words expressions, sentences) with their explanations like a glossary in a post or a page, add [explanatory dictionary] in it.


  15. ian says:

    hi im working on a glossary page using your plugin but the explainations are too close its just a continuous wall of text is there any way to put a space in between each one


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