proposes a new opportunity to promote its bloggers! Every 1st day of each month a special bonus will be held among bloggers. There will be selected 3 random bloggers and their primary blogs will be posted on this website for a month period. And that is not all: their blorners’ thumbnails will be placed on the first page of which will be linked to their blorners.


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  1. Jean says:

    I just know about Blorner.
    Nice blog you have.
    I just created an account:

  2. Anna Mullins says:

    Great Idea and thanks for friending me. Just started blogging last week and am not all that high tech. I’m glad some of your are.

  3. Anna Mullins says:

    I don’t have a website, just my blog site on Bloggers

  4. Malok Mading says:

    Great to hear about this. I didn’t know about it and would love to check it out. I have my blog on blogspot:
    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Dave Keller says:

    Thanks Ruben! Your blog is very well layout and helpful with lots of great tips for new bloggers like myself. Can you let me know of the advantages of using wordpress?

  6. Hi Dave Keller,

    I like it very much and I think WordPress is the best CMS. That’s all for me. :)


  7. Already registered on blorner and also using Facebook group…

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