To activate the theme that you want to be activated automatically after WordPress (version 3.0 and more) installation, copy that theme to the /wp-content/themes/ directory, then open the file default-constants.php from the directory /wp-includes/ and in the function wp_templating_constants change the value of WP_DEFAULT_THEME to the name of the theme directory.

define( ‘WP_DEFAULT_THEME’, ‘mortgage’ );


7 Comments on Automatically activating theme after WordPress installation

  1. Shuja ullah says:

    I have site

    How i can change theme or automatically update

  2. Shuja ullah

    Read how you can change the theme here –

  3. info sehat says:

    ahh.. finally found that setting.
    is there any setting to customize our WP installation?

  4. info sehat,

    What do you mean saying “is there any setting to customize our WP installation?”? Sorry, but I didn’t understand.

  5. info sehat says:

    i mean beside this tip, is there any other setting to customize WP installation using default-constants.php
    i have experience using WP, and it always bring me to FTP login page 1st before installing plugin or themes.
    do you have tips to automaticly make FTP login process skipped?

  6. info sehat,

    Sorry, but I have no tips about it in this time.

  7. wifi says:

    hmm.. looks like this will help me to move between hosting

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